Web Design Trends for 2020

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Top web design trends for 2020

Here is a list of the web design trends to look for in 2020:

  • Oversized lettering
  • Asymmetric Layouts
  • Animation
  • 3D Design
  • Custom Images
  • Split Content
  • Hidden navigation
  • Full-Screen Forms
  • Parallax Web Design
  • Voice User Interface

Discover more about each of them and refresh your web design to keep up with the upcoming trends!

Bold typography

Oversized lettering, or bold typography, is gaining more and more popularity, as website owners strive to simplify web design as much as possible.

Huge typography has some vivid benefits. For one, you can draw attention to your brand name or business objective by putting it in a big type on the main page of your website. Visitors will definitely remember what was written in bold and are more likely to come back to your platform.

XTECHY is a company that focuses on brand development. The usage of oversized lettering on their website really grabs visitors’ attention.

Asymmetric Layouts

Most websites are grid-based. The grid is made of imaginary lines that help layout elements on the page stay in order. The website owners who want to be unique will start implementing a broken grid technique and placing design elements chaotically. This technique makes websites look more creative and will be the top web design trend for 2020.

Background video

Moving visuals of different forms and formats have always been popular in web design. The latest trend is the usage of background video! Animation instead of static background brings your platform to life and makes visitors stay longer — or at least long enough to watch the whole video.

Another stunning trend for 2020 is the usage of 3D elements. The importance of 3D graphics has already been recognized in the gaming and movie industry, and web design is not lagging behind! The use of 3D design is more engaging and will enhance interest in your brand.

Custom Images

Custom drawings add a uniques sense of character to the sites. With the help of this web design trend, you can display your brand identity and make it memorable to the visitors. Next time when users will see one of your custom images, even on another resource, your website will pop into their heads and they’ll be reminded to return again. Just one more trick to gain popularity online and boost conversions!

Split Content

With the help of split content web design technique, you can showcase more than one important message at a time on a single page. It also makes your website look more appealing and well-organized.

Hidden navigation

Hidden navigation is also used with regard to minimalism, which, as you can see, the main web design trend for 2020. With the help of hidden navigation, you can save a lot of space. Do not hesitate to use it on your website, especially if it makes your design look more clear.

Full-Screen Forms

As we have mentioned above, huge typography is especially popular among website owners who prefer simplicity. So why not create a contact form that fits the whole screen? Adding full-screen forms at the homepage is another growing trend in web design. This way the process of submitting forms is simplified and easier for site visitors.

Parallax Web Design

The parallax scrolling technique in web design originally came from the video games. Its secret lies in the background moving at different speeds during web page scrolling which creates a pseudo-3D effect.

Voice User Interface

Voice user interface (VUI) allows users to interact with a website through voice commands. Although it is not strictly related to design, this trend will add usability and functionality to your platform and ensure that all website elements are accessible for people with physical disabilities.

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